Darren Herft Discusses the Impact of Global Debt in the Ritz Herald
May 11, 2014
Darren Herft Featured in London Daily Post on Fiscal Policy
December 5, 2020

Darren Herft Featured in AP News Press Release

Darren Herft was featured in an AP News press release, educating readers about economics and innovation worldwide. The press release includes a roundup of his recent news features and information about his website launch. This article originally appeared in AP News.

Darren Herft, an Australian businessman is educating readers about economics and innovation on his official website. His site includes a roundup of his recent news features and timely advice about finance, economics and fiscal policy.

Last month, Herft was interviewed by the Ritz Herald and other digital networks such as the London Post UK about his views on global debt and low interest rates.

He discussed how global debt affects citizens and how governments should be conscious about the amount they are borrowing. He also outlined the benefits of low interest rates globally.

Herft went on to talk about innovation and encouraged governments to incentivize innovation in order to stimulate economic growth.

Herft’s website leads with the subheading: private equity, economics and investment analysis.

He hopes that by sharing his knowledge with people online, he can educate them on timely topics concerning finance and economics.

Here’s a roundup of Darren’s top three features in news outlets since the launch of his site.

Darren Herft in the Ritz Herald 

In the Ritz Herald, Darren Herft discussed the effects of global debt during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said stimulus spending by governments is a reasonable solution to the coronavirus pandemic since it’s the duty of governments to support their citizens.

Meanwhile, Herft also said that governments should incentivize innovation to drive economic growth.

There are facts to support Darren Herft’s claim that innovation can help drive economic growth.

In a Stanford University paper published by Nathan Rosenburg, a professor of economics, he states that “Technological innovation is considered a major force in economic growth.”

He said, “In the most fundamental sense, there are only two ways of increasing the output of the economy: you can increase the number of inputs that go into the productive process, or if you are clever, you can think of new ways in which you can get more output from the same number of inputs.”

Technological advancement and innovation are some of the ways that you can get more output from the same number of inputs. It allows you to maximize the effectiveness of human capital. It makes people more efficient.

Innovation also opens up new jobs and opportunities for communities.

Darren Herft in the London Post UK 

Darren Herft was interviewed by the London Post UK on the effects of low interest rates and what it means for citizens.

Herft said that these massive doses of stimulus spending worldwide may offer temporary relief, but that there are other economic implications at play because the pandemic could leave a legacy of unprecedented debt.

He says that borrowing can be beneficial during times of low interest rates. It’s sensible to leverage debt when interest rates are lower than what is typical.

Herft summarizes by saying that it’s reasonable to go into an investment to ultimately produce value at a higher return than the interest rate itself. That’s how debt can be ultimately lowered.

On the other hand, rising interest rates may leave people and governments with excessive debt and he cautions them to consider the long-term implications of massive borrowing.

Darren Herft in the California Herald

Darren Herft was interviewed by the California Herald about strategies for innovation amid fiscal policy measures worldwide.

He recommended a long-term approach focused on innovation and human capabilities. He said that governments should incentivize innovation and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

“It’s all about diversification of government and investing in new ideas,” says Herft.

To learn more about Darren Herft or to get his latest features on private equity, economics and investment analysis, you can read more on his official website.


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